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The perfect place to hang your pup's leash! Hand-crafted from white pine; sanded, stained and coated in gloss poly, this piece is the perfect addition to any pet owner's home. Metal 2-prong hanger can hold multiple leashes or harnesses, and a glass jar with screw-on lid will keep your 4-legged friend's favorite treats fresh and readily available. (Treats not included).

Includes customizable pet name inside the paw print.  



Standard 1 pet size measures 14" x 10".

2 pets 19" x 10"

3 pets 24" x 10"

4 pets 29" x 10" 


Two design options:

American flag - white paw print with name written in black paint (can only customize with one name and it is not removable).

Stain - black chalkboard paw print with name written in chalk (removable). Can be customized with additional paw prints for up to 4 pets. 

Leash Holder

Color (Stain design only--choose N/A for flag)
Hook Color
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